Stranded Cotton 6 Stranded Cotton  Perlé Cotton Perlé No. 8 Perlé No. 12  Pure Silk Soie de Paris Soie d' Alger
Ighali 2012 Photo Gallery
Chameleon Threads are individually hand-dyed in South Africa using cotton, rayon and pure silk. With such a wide range in colour and thread type, we are assured in catering for all our clients needs.

As a very passionate embroiderer for the past 20 years, Via Laurie understands the importance of quality when it comes to stitching. At Chameleon we only use the best possible base thread in creating an extensive range of beautiful and delightful space dyed threads. As a stitcher she also has a wide knowledge of most types of embroidery and therefore understands the needs of embroiderers using her threads.

All our threads are dyed individually and not in huge hanks, which means that each thread is unique in appearance. Although the same colour sequence is used every time, some variation may occur with different dye lots. We try to ensure that our colours will not run, but can not guarantee complete colour fastness as some dyes are more unstable that others.
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